April Newsletter

News from Friends of Huntington Beach State Park

April 2018

  • Please Welcome

During the month of March 2018 the Friends welcomed one new member, Brent Roderick.  Please join us in welcoming him as a new member to our volunteer organization.

  • President’s Corner

Throughout the year your Friends of Huntington Beach State Park Board Members are hard at work supporting the Park staff and the Park activities that are near and dear to all of us as members.  The Board Members are governed in their activities by our Articles of Incorporation (Charter) and By-Laws implemented April 16, 2003.  To ensure the continuality of our group and activities we hold monthly board meetings, two yearly all members meetings and an annual election every June.  All terms of office are for two years.  On even number years the terms of office for the positions of President, Vice President and part of the board positions expire.  The individuals holding these offices can decide to run again for their position or not. 

This year, my term as your President will expire at the end of June and I have elected not to run again for this position.  My husband, Tom and I have some extensive travel plans on our horizon, which would prevent me from fully filling my duties as President.  I am still very much committed to the work of Friends organization and will instead run for a board of director position.  My two years as your President have been great!  I have met so many of you and participated in so many activities that support the Park that I am continually amazed that my two years as President is almost up.

No worries about the continuation of all the wonderful activities that you have come to know and love too.  Sandra Barnes has graciously agreed to run for the officer of President.  Currently Sandra is a board member and as such she manages our website, the administration of the PayPal donations and is our photographer extraordinary for all of those wonderful photos found on our website and given to parents of children visiting Santa at our Holiday at Atalaya event.

Along with the change in the President position the Board will say goodbye to two members Carolyn Diehl and Mickie Smith at the end of June.  Both of these ladies have been truly wonderful board members.  Stepping up to the plate whenever needed to support our activities.  As President, I thank them for all the support they have shown me.  They will truly be missed in their board member positions but because of their dedication to the Park I suspect they will continue to be a force of help and change in our organization.  Thanks Carolyn and Mickie for your dedication to the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park!

The full slate of elections will be mailed (as required by our by-laws) to each paid member next month.  Please show your support and vote.

Your President,

Sally Kelly

  • What’s Happening in the Park?

Park Manager Brenda Magers and her team share information about their work activities each month in our board meeting.  During our April meeting Brenda brought us up to speed on several activities happening in the Park.

The South Campground officially opens on April 9, 2018!  Reservations for the South Campground opened on March 9, 2018 with a huge opening success.  All 42 sites were booked for the Memorial Day holiday and the 4th of July holiday within the first hour of being available.  If you, family or friends are interested in booking in either campground call toll-free 1-866-345-PARK (7275) or make it online by clicking on the link Park Reservations on the Huntington Beach State Park website.

Interpretive Ranger Mike Walker has been busy conducting training sessions for those interested in becoming an Alligator Program tour leader or becoming a Sea Turtle Beach Walker.  As well as, preparing for the Park’s annual Earth Day activities.  Thanks Mike for helping us get up to speed on these important Park programs.

  • Open Board Member Position

The Friends of Huntington Beach State Park is seeking an interested member in running for and serving as an active board member.  The term of officer is July 2018 – June 30, 2020.  A board member is required to attend monthly meeting held at 9:00 a.m. the first Wednesday of each month.  There are 12 meetings a year along with two annual all members meetings.  Board members actively participate and support the mission and goals of the Friends of the Huntington Beach State Park. 

If you are interested please contact Sally Kelly at 843-215-4589 or tomsal75@yahoo.com or Karen Korszeniewski at 843-650-6666 or korsz@sccoast.net no later than April 27, 2018.  We need you, our members, to support the mission and goals of our organization!

  • Save the Date

Please mark June 13, 2018 starting 5:00 p.m. on your calendar for our annual all members picnic!  We will be in Shelter # 1 for a great food fest.  During the event we will also finalize our annual election and provide an update on our year’s activities.  More details will be coming your way.

  • Membership Renewal

It is that time again!  Coming in the mail soon will be your application to renew your membership to the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park.  Once again there are three categories of membership.

 -      Family Volunteer $30 includes all members of the family living in the household with badges to wear when volunteering.

-      Individual Volunteer $25 membership includes a badge to wear when volunteering.

-      Supporting Membership $50.  This membership is persons living in or out of the area who still wish to support us financially, but cannot volunteer.  Those in this category receive one vehicle decal but no volunteer badge.

Once your membership renewal form and payment are received new vehicle decals will be mailed.

  • 3 in 1 Day One More Thing

Last month we reported on the success of our annual 3 in 1 Day celebration.  We are happy to now report that we were able to deposit $1,702.15 in proceeds to the Nature Center Building fund from that event.  Thanks again to all of you that helped or attended the event.

  • A Couple Repeat Reminders

-      Shell Crafts – April 21, 2018 @ 1:00 p.m. @ Shelter # 2

-      “Central to Their Lives” – Brookgreen Garden’s Vice President Robin Salmon speaking on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 @ Carefree Catering.  The cost is $30 pp and the event starts at 11:00 a.m.  Contact The Moveable Feast at classatpawleys.com or via telephone at 843-235-9600. 

  • The Friends of Huntington Beach State Park Website

Please be sure to bookmark on your computer or tablet our website www.friendshbsp.com