July Newsletter

News from Friends of Huntington Beach State Park

July 2020

  • Please Welcome

Please join with us in welcoming Connie and Todd Guyer, Janine and Rich Metcalf and Gretchen and Mark Stemple to the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park.  

Don’t forget to use your smiling eyes to welcome your new members when you see them in the Park.  P.S. some of you many already know Connie, as she has been a member of the turtle nest team for several years now.

  • President’s Corner

Happy Fourth of July to all you!  This is my first newsletter as your President and I am excited for the new opportunities ahead as we move into uncharted waters.  I have been thinking about our past Friends’ activities and how they will need to change in the immediate future.  We need to be safe and at the same time have fun and raise money for our Park endeavors.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of raising money to fund Park improvements (that are not funded by South Carolina Parks and Recreation) we had an awesome 2019 – 2020.  Normally at our annual all members picnic we share all the non-monetary and monetary activities that the Friends did in the previous year.  Since we were not able to meet this year here are a few of those monetary accomplishments.

December 2019 – our Holiday Festival raised $4,100+.  This money was deposited into our designated Playground Fund.

March 10, 2020 – the annual 3 in 1 Day raised $500+.  This money was deposited into our designated Playground Fund.

In 2020 we began to spend the money that we had raised in the past few years and designated for the displays in the Nature Center.  Also, this year the Friends organization began to fund projects related to the Playground.  For example the playground sidewalk.

None of these endeavors are cheap.  For the Nature Center displays the state conducted a vigorous bidding process to ensure the best displays would be made at a “fair” price.  As well as for projects like the Friends funding of the playground concrete and signage at the Nature Center quotes are obtained, reviewed and awarded to the best work at the best price.  We are working hard to make sure we work together with the Park to make the Park the place that we all know and love!

Carol Dankosky

  • Annual Membership Renewal Reminder

Just as a reminder, membership vehicle decals with the dates 7/19-6/20 to enter Huntington Beach State Park expired on the last day of June 2020.  On July 1, 2020 all members entering the Park are required to have the new (7/20 -6/21) decal displayed on their vehicle.

  • Recording Volunteer Hours One More Time

Due to safety concerns paper volunteer hour logs are no longer available in the Park. 

Turtle walkers will send their hours and information to ranger Mike Walker.

Mike’s email address is: mwalker@scprt.com

Your email should include your name, the date and hours that you volunteered plus what section of the Park you walked.  Something like this:

Carol Dankosky & Jim Dankosky – June 12, 2020, 2.0 hours x 2 for turtle nest walking in the center section. Total = 4 hours. No new nests found.

Our board member Pete Murray will obtain a monthly report from Mike Walker on the turtle nest walking.  Any other volunteer hours should be sent directly to Pete Murray. 

Pete’s email address is: murraypc@comcast.net

Something like this:

Laurie Johnston - June 25, 2020, 2.0 hours and picking up trash on the center section of the beach.

By following this plan, the Friends will still have an accurate accounting of our volunteerism.  Try to get all your volunteer hours sent via email before the last day of each month.  Thanks bunches for all you do!

  • Turtle Nest in the Park

Interpretive Ranger Mike Walker advised the turtle teams on the number of nests in the Park last week.  As of July 1, 2020 Huntington Beach State Park had 11 nests.  Please remember to keep pets away from the nests and do not disturb the nests.  If you should spot what looks like a nest before the turtle nest teams arrive early each morning please contact the nearest ranger.  This is always a thrilling time on the beach and we want to do our part to protect the turtle nests.

  • The Friends New Post Office Box Number

The Friends have a new Post Office Box number.  It is P.O. Box 137.  If you need to send a donation and a letter to the Friends organization please use this new P.O. Box.

  • Use Amazon Smile for Donations to the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park

Thanks everyone for continuing to select the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park as your charitable organization when shopping with Amazon!

Remember Amazon allows purchasers to support causes they care about.  With qualifying purchases via smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the charitable organization you designate.  Our organization is listed as Friends of Huntington Beach State Park. 

Amazon Smile is the same as Amazon however; you must sign into smile.amazon.com in order for charitable donations to be made on qualifying purchases.  If you have already designated a charitable organization on Amazon Smile you can change it.  Please choose us!  We need your monetary support now more ever.

  • The Friends of Huntington Beach State Park Website

Please be sure to bookmark on your computer or tablet our website www.friendshbsp.com

If you would like to make a monetary online donation to the Friends organization or a donation specifically to the Playground fund click on the Donation Tab on the far right at the top of any of our website pages or you can click on the underlined Heading (that will take you to the page for the Friends PayPal account).

If you wish to mail in a donation, please make the check out to the the Playground Fund and mail to the following address:

Friends of HBSP
PO Box 137
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576