June Newsletter

“Turtle Time”

News from Friends of Huntington Beach State Park

June 2019

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    No new members this month.

  • President’s Corner

If you haven’t been to the Park lately you need to get there!  Summer is in full swing! As always, Park Manager Brenda Magers and her staff do a fantastic job of keep everything fun and safe for everyone visiting the Park. Just hearing Brenda and her staff talk about their activities during our monthly board meetings makes us wonder how they keep up with everything.  Thanks to you Brenda and your staff for making our visits to the Park everything we expected and more!

Speaking of things happening don’t forget our annual all members picnic will be held this coming Wednesday (June 12, 2019) at 5:00 pm. at Shelter #1.  Along with food and fellowship we will finalize our annual board of director elections and accomplishmentscompleted by our organization in 2018 / 2019.  We hope to see you there!

Your President, 

Sandra Barnes

  • In the Park

**Turtle Nests

As reported last month, the turtle nestingseason started early this year.  According to Interpretive Ranger Mike Walker as of June 6, 2019 we have 10 sea turtle nests at Huntington Beach State Park!  It takes about 45-55 days for the eggs to hatch so stay tuned for information as to when the nests at Huntington Beach State Park begin to hatch. Don’t forget don’t disturb nests or the protective barriers.  If you see a nest that has not been marked by the rangers yet please do not disturb it, take pictures of the location and report it to a ranger. 

**New Playground at Huntington Beach State Park

If you have been in the Park recently you have seen progress on the latest Park project.  A playground!  It is located near the main restrooms and offices.  Brenda Magers and her team are in the progress of seeking funds (in the form of a grant or donations) to finish the playground so that families may all enjoy the area.  The Friends organization will consider joining in on the funding of the Park once Brenda and team present a cost proposal.  

Funds designated for the Nature Center cannot and will not be used towards the playground but funds in our general checking account from memberships, etc. can be designated towards Park projects.  If you would like to make a separate check donation towards the playground completion please make the check out to the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park and in the description line designate playground.  Stay tuned for more information.

  • No Board Meeting or Newsletter in July

There will not be a board meeting in July or a newsletter.  See you in August.  Have a Happy, Safe Fourth of July!

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Please be sure to bookmark on your computer or tablet our website www.friendshbsp.com

If you would like to make a monetary online donation to the Nature Center Building Fund click on the Donation Tab on the far right at the top of any of our website pages or you can click on the underlined Heading (that will take you to the page for the Friends PayPal account).

If you wish to mail in a donation, please make the check out to the Nature Center Rebuilding Fund and mail to the following address:

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