May Newsletter

Friends of Huntington Beach Newsletter

May 2022

  • President's Corner

Hello May and hello to all of you!  I hope all of you have been out and enjoying this great weather?  Huntington Beach State Park looks fabulous!   

Many thanks to all of you who donated to The Friends of Huntington Beach State as a part of our first annual Palmetto Day of Giving on May 3 -4, 2022!  We are so excited to have been able to participate in this annual day of giving in Georgetown County.  We will participate again next year so put on your thinking caps as to how we can make this giving event even more successful for us as we continue our work for Huntington Beach State Park.

Our volunteers have been out helping the Park staff with all sorts of tasks in April and now again in May.  If you have been over to Atalaya you should have seen the beautiful geraniums in the window boxes planted by Karen Korszeniewski, Gretchen Stemple and Edith Kurie.  Thank you so much ladies.  A team of our volunteers have been also painting the window grills at Atalaya.

So many volunteer opportunities are shifting into high gear for the summer so thanks for all you do to support The Friends of Huntington Beach State Park.

Don’t forget please join us for our annual all members picnic on June 15, 2022 @ 5:00 pm in the courtyard at Atalaya so that we may celebrate our accomplishments and thank you for all you do to support the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park and the Park.  You don’t have to do bring anything but your sweet selves!  Please remember to RSVP to me, Carol Dankosky at or Pat Cote at PLCOTE@SNET.NET no later than June 8, 2022 so that we may order the right amount of food.

Your President

Carol Dankosky

  • New Members

Welcome to our new members in April 2022!  Our new members are: Patty & Bob Smaldone and Deborah MunchelWelcome, welcome to all of you and thank you for your commitment to Huntington Beach State Park.  We look forward to seeing you in the Park

Renewal Application & Annual Election of Board Members for the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park Update

If you haven’t already received your membership renewal packet and annual election ballot it should be on its way to you very shortly.  If your membership is up for renewal please be sure to return the completed form with your check as soon as possible so that we may get your new car sticker(s) out to you as soon as possible.  On July 1, 2022 all members entering the Park must have the new 2022-2023 car decal affixed to their car windshield.

If possible, please return your completed election ballot with your renewal application (& check).  We will finalize our annual officer elections at the annual all members picnic on June 15th, but if we have your completed form in advance that will help us expedite the election results.  This year’s ballot includes:

Jenny Hanna – President

Pete Murray – Vice President

Sandra Barnes – Board Member

Linda Garneau – Board Member

Cathy Jones - Board Member

Jason Karr – Board Member

Charlie West – Board Member

We still have an open position of Secretary on the ballot.  The Friends needs the help of everyone if you would like to self-nominate yourself this year as an advisor for one year there is a blank space on the ballot for you to do so.

  •  In the Park


As a reminder, according to the SCDNR alligator courtship begins in early April and mating occurs in May or June.  We all want to see the alligators, but please do so from a safe distance and always, always protect yourself, your family and your pets from the alligators.  Remember please don’t feed the alligators.  It is illegal!

Turtle Nests

Turtle nesting season is from May 1- through October.  As reported this week, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says a team spotted the nest while scouting on Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge in Charleston County. They say they found the telltale tracks of the crawl made by a female turtle who was looking for a suitable place to lay her eggs. The discovery was made in the sand on Lighthouse Island. 

Officials say the tracks come from a loggerhead sea turtle, one of four sea turtle species nest in South Carolina: greens, Kemp's ridleys, and leatherbacks are the others. All of those species are considered endangered or threatened and have federal protection. 

Cape Romain is about 45 miles from the city of Charleston and is one of the densest sea turtle nesting locations north of Florida. 

The following tips and reminders come from SCDNR: 

Sea Turtle Nesting Season Reminders:

• Report all sick/injured/dead sea turtles and nest disturbances to the SCDNR at 1-800-922-5431 so that staff/volunteers can respond as soon as possible.
• Respect boating laws and boat cautiously, especially in small tidal creeks where sea turtles like to feed. Boat strikes have emerged as the leading cause of death for sea turtles in South Carolina.
• Keep artificial lights off the beach at night during nesting season – this includes beachfront property lights and flash photography, which can disorient nesting mothers and hatchlings.
• Always respect sea turtles by observing them from a distance on the beach. Individuals that violate federal law by harming or interfering with sea turtles or their nests can be subject to civil penalties of up to $25,000 and up to a year’s imprisonment.
• Keep beaches and ocean clean by avoiding single-use plastics. Plastic bags and balloons are among the most common trash items found on South Carolina beaches and can cause injury or death when sea turtles mistake them for food.

Here is hoping for a great sea turtle nesting season in our area.

  •  Volunteer Opportunities in the Park

The Park still always in need of member support in staffing the pass lane at the admission booth.  All of us know how important it is to quickly get off 17 Bypass and thru the admissions area of Park so please consider helping out. If you can help please contact Adrienne Bagwell or sign up with the link below.


Adrienne Bagwell

Park Ranger ll

Huntington Beach State Park

South Carolina Department of Park, Recreation & Tourism

16148 Ocean Highway

Murrells Inlet, SC 29576


  • Use Amazon Smile for Donations to the Friends of Huntington Beach State Park

Thanks everyone for continuing to use Amazon Smile app for your Amazon purchases!  

If you are new or have forgotten about Amazon Smile here is the information again.  Amazon allows purchasers to support causes they care about.  With qualifying purchases via, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the charitable organization you designate.  Our organization is listed as Friends of Huntington Beach State Park.  

Amazon Smile is the same as Amazon however; you must sign into in order for charitable donations to be made on qualifying purchases.  If you have already designated a charitable organization on Amazon Smile you can change it.  Please choose us!

  •  The Friends of Huntington Beach State Park Website

Please be sure to bookmark on your computer or tablet our website

If you wish to mail in a donation, please make the check out to the Playground Fund and mail to the following address:

Friends of HBSP
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