11-November 2022 Newsletter

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05.06.2022 19:48

Charlie West

Presidents have come and gone, but our secretary as always been there. We will miss you Greatly

12.05.2022 12:24

Christine Debbisi

We are frequent Visitors to the park. We have noticed that the water on the right side when entering the park is very low. Why is the water so low in the marsh right now?

22.05.2022 22:06

Carol A Dankosky

Hi Christine,
According to our Park Manager, the water level is managed to keep the proper salinity. This is on the advisement of DNR. Hope that this helps.
Carol Dankosky

08.05.2022 21:44

Charlie West

Another Great Newsletter

11.04.2022 22:56

Charlie West

Another great news letter. We are sure going to miss our secretary after June this year!

07.12.2021 03:11

Charlie West

Great newsletter Laurie, looking forward to the next one

13.08.2021 13:28

Connie Guyer

Concerning the September 14 clean up day, are there specific hours for volunteering?

15.08.2021 20:43

Sandra Marie (McCall) Barnes

Connie, they count as volunteer hours for Friends. I believe 9 am is when they usually start.

12.08.2021 21:33

Dolly Wapelhorst

So sorry to hear of Sally Kelly passing. She was such a fun person. Your newsletter had a lot of information. Enjoyed it.

11.08.2021 12:49

C West

Great Newsletter, Read It Over And Over