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Friends Volunteering

Over 9,000 volunteer hours per year 

Sea Turtle Patrol and Protection

Support Special Events and Festivals

Staffing for the Nature Center 

Beach, Trail, and Atalaya Maintenance

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for Friends members to volunteer.  The Friends Monthly Newsletter contains details on all opportunities, how to get started and sign up.  

Turtle Tracking

Walk the beach May through September between 6 and 9 a.m. looking for turtle tracks/nests and cleaning the beach.  Training by Park Interpretive Ranger is mandatory.

Turtle Nest Inventories

Three days after a turtle nest hatches, we do public excavation/inventory.  We count the eggs laid, hatched, and occasionally find and release live hatchlings. 


For some park events, the Friends have a booth to raise funds by selling drinks and baked goods.  For all events, we assist the Park Rangers and Staff with activities. 

Shorebird Stewards

An Audubon South Carolina north beach program in April through August on weekends and holidays to protect shorebird nesting.  Training by Audubon Society is mandatory.

Nature Center

Friends man the front desk, greet guests, help educate visitors about the exhibit animals and park wildlife.  May also lead some of the Nature Center tours.  Training will be provided.

Atalaya Walkway Planters

Water and maintain the planters along the Atalaya walkway.  

Entrance Secondary Lane

Direct vehicles with annual passes to secondary bypass lane.  Weekends from Memorial to Labor Day, this prevents traffic from backing up on Route 17.  

Ranger Projects

Assist Rangers with special projects such as cleaning trails, removing brush/debris, spreading playground mulch, painting picnic shelters, and other needs.  

Atalaya Tour Guide

Lead daily Atalaya tour with history of the Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington and Atalaya Castle.  Yearly training with Park Interpretive Ranger is mandatory.

Alligator Tour Guide

Lead daily park alligator tour.  Tours are given April through October. 


Huntington Beach State Park is the nicest park in the area! The Friends help with this by self-directed litter pick up, reporting of broken boards and branches, or other hazards to the Park Staff.  

Atalaya Cleaning

Every two weeks, on Tuesdays from 9 to 10 a.m., we remove cobwebs, sweep off fireplaces, windowsills, and floors in different sections of Atalaya.

Atalaya Maintenance

The window grills often need rust removed and repainted.  We do maintenance of windows, shutter, and doors including painting and minor repairs.

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